Tul Announces a Website Restructuring


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Bringing visitors the whole new experiences of friendly and comfortable
TAIPEI, TAIWAN (December 14, 2005) – Tul Corporation today announces the restructuring of its official Website – http://www.tul.com.tw. The brand-new layout and contents appear on line worldwide Taiwan time on December 14, 2005. The ‘nature’ style is expected to bring visitors the whole new experiences of friendly and comfortable – definitely a break-through within the IT
industry. Furthermore, visitors will be able to enjoy an interactive and a satisfying interface more than ever.

Tul modifies and designs its latest Web pages with backgrounds full of natural sceneries and friendly smiles from diversified people. Moreover, the new structure represents Tul’s determination of becoming the ‘total solution provider’ in the IT industry. Last but not least, Tul’s new Website offers a much more user-friendly interface; for example, the scroll-down bars and the drop-down selected menus make information most easy-to-find. Ted Chen, C.E.O. of Tul Corporation, states, “More than just graphics boards, this time we offer a lot more on our Website. We’d also like to offer our browsers a successful integration of technologies and humanity.”

In addition to the noticeable layout displays, Tul’s latest Website restructuring also strengthens its demonstrations on corporate culture and management philosophy. Functions like ‘Research & Development’, ‘Certifications’ and ‘Intellectual Properties’ are added and different from the old version, making the new Website more complete and fulfilling.

There will be English and Traditional Chinese versions available for Tul’s official Website –
http://www.tul.com.tw. The Traditional Chinese version is scheduled to be on line in the first quarter of 2006.