Tegra 3 is almost done

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Tegra 3 is almost done

Tegra 4 in development
Jensen said at a press conference that we can expect to see one Tegra every year. He went out telling us that Tegra 3 is almost done and that Tegra 4 is in development.

He believes that Nvidia has a chance with its dual core Tegra 2 and sees it as a part of many Tablet and Super phones that should come in 2011. He also thinks that we will see first Tablets in Q4 2010 but that majority should arrive in Q1 2011.

We also heard that future of Tegra is multi-core, and that you can expect to see four and more cores in the future implementation, but only when we move to a new development processes, like 28nm and further down the road to 22nm.

Nvidia really believes that it has a chance to fight just about any ARM company and to be honest we don’t understand such a high optimism about it, since Qualcomm is doing really fine with its high end Cortex A8 chips and we don’t see why people will simply switch from Qualcomm A9 dual-core chips to Nvidia.

The only thing that Nvidia can try to do is make some better games for tablets and hope it will be its selling pillar.