1. eLove

    AMD Catalyst™ 11.8 (8.881, 2011/07/28) WHQL 正式版

    Highlights of the AMD Catalyst™ 11.8 Windows release include: New Features  ‧AMD Overdrive has been enhanced to include both CPU and GPU over-clocking controls within the AMD Vision Control Center  ‧CPU over-clocking is only supported on AMD Black edition CPUs Performance Highlights...
  2. eLove

    AMD Catalyst™ 11.8 Preview Driver OpenGL 4.2 (8.88.8 August 8)

    AMD Catalyst™ Preview Driver Features Full support for the new OpenGL 4.2 specification. High-lights include:  ‧Enhanced support for generic read-write memory and high performance atomics in shaders (EXT_shader_image_load_store and ARB_shader_atomic_counters extensions), allowing advanced...