Windows 7 Loader 1.7.2 (x86 & x64) by Daz



【軟體名稱】:Windows 7 Loader 1.7.2 (x86 & x64) by Daz
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Yeah, new Win7 activation toolkit. Just get yourself Windows 7 releases from GRP or WZT, choose one of the activation methods and you’re good to go. Read instructions first.

* Maintain your own list of serials, future or current (comes with allot of preset keys)
* Automatically finds an available drive letter (if required)
* Installer and uninstaller built in as standard
* Checks your Windows version and build before install
* Automatically finds your active boot partition
* Works on all languages
* Works alongside hidden partitions
* Works on Windows 7, Vista and Server 2008 editions
* Support for bios modded users
* Argument support for silent installs
* You can use this tool to activate your Windows 7/Vista ISO by editing setupcomplete.cmd
* Improves Windows 7 boot time on a Mac (Compared to other loaders)

What makes this different from every other loader out at the moment?
It's not a batch file and all commands are made within the application, it has great error handling and doesn't try to find the active partition based on size (which every other loader is doing at the moment).

So whats the advantages and why should you care?
With me building this loader as an application I can access system details and create declares for many of the functions. This means anyone that uses this loader should have a greater chance of success!

Whats the differences between each loader option?
Hover your mouse over each option to see

Ok so how do I run it?
In general you simply press Install!

I activated Windows 7 and now I want to activate Windows Vista, why isn't it working?
Use the uninstall option while on Windows 7 and reboot into Windows Vista. Next install your selected cert/slic in Windows Vista and then reboot back to Windows 7 and click install.

Activation failed, now what?
Try again with the older loader option enabled, maybe that might just work for you.

** I have tested this on a virtual machine with a 100% success rate **

Latest - 1.7.2
* Added encrypted SLIC support
* Added random loader names
* Added byte differences (everyones GRLDR loader be byte for byte the same)
* Added a new GRLDR version (0.97) from zsmin (custom edition for my program)
* Added /norestart argument
* Added support for Windows 7 Home Basic (4 new keys)


Windows 7 Loader 1.7.2 (x86 & x64) by Daz

Windows 7 Loader 1.7.2 (x86 & x64) by Daz

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