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    Im not listening heavy metal music...But if we are talking about heavy metal processors, it is different story for me. And Yes, I applaud to AMD! Second year of great CPUs is here and HEDT AMD is real - highend crazy strongest most loved CPU ever!

    Report from TMsHW about Manilla AMD day and few results of Cinebenchs! LN2? YES sir!

    Macci is AMD guy many years. I remember him from Phenom Agena days there, if Im correct.

    Who is this guy?:)


    What about Cinebench?! At COmputex Intel demostrated huge chip with 28-core, sample of future Cascade Lake-X. The board was bigger than eATX with crazy VRM. CPU must be cooled by chiller and power consumption was still over 800W. But nice clean 5 GHz.
    Threadripper LN2 demo with normal eATX board cooled by LN2 and 5.1 GHz run.

    -there are some scores completed by Tomshardware, CB WR is here :)

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