NVIDIA System Utility 0.08.09


NVIDIA System Utility 0.08.09

1. The driver and application must both be updated
2. Clearing the registry of previous NVSysUtil entries is recommended

Bugs fixed
1. Added code to check if K8 is support FID control before read cpu clock
2. Ungrayed the bus speeds on basvicView
3. Fixed 'FF' hang when changing the chipset performance settings
4. Commented out the pop up msg when starts up.
5. Added functions to check if there is a AGP card existing in IGP
6. Disable Disclaimer "I Agree" button and set default to "I don't agree"
7. Set Disclaimer richedit control to read only
8. Fixed issue that changes to Memory timings on basic page are not applied on
NF3 platform
9. Aligned SPD translated information
10. Report any DDR type speed as DDR only
11. Removed cancel from the list of button bars
12. Fixed the max voltage value not displayed
13. Hover help text disabled for disabled group boxes
14. Enable 'I Agree' when user scrolls to the last part of the legal disclaimer
15. Removed boot profiles, help files code
16. Disabled voltage group box in advanceview when not supported
17. Gray out Agp components when no external graphic card
18. Changed the '!' to '?' icon when prompting a msg
19. Calculated fields in info page is now updated when the page is accessed
20. On Information page, "NF" should read "nForce"
21. On Information page, "Chipset information" should read "nForce information"
22. On Information page, "MCP" and "IGP/SPP" should swap order.
23. When information is "Not available" it should read as "Not reported".
24. On Information page, CPU speed should be reported in MHz.
25. Follow grammatical case requirements throughout.
26. "Spd Dialog" should read "SPD information"
27. Change "NVSystemUtility" text refernces to "NVIDIA System Utility".
28. Set NVSU main frame to foreground;
29. Changed Device name from GpdDev to NVR0Dev, which may have caused a hang
with applications that used the same driver
30. Changed the executable to NVIDIA System Utility instead.

1. Added new function interface 2Ah for GetDimmAddrInfo.
2. Changed Memory Address info map for C17/C18D platform.
3. Added code to support memory address info interface.
4. Added OEM logo support for the upper-left corner of the screen. The system
looks for a file in the EXE folder called "OemLogo.bmp". If it finds this file
it uses it instead of the NVIDIA one in the resource table.