為了美食衝一波上山放空去~~Have a food trip on the mountain!


Finally, I can rest for a while so I decided to have a food trip with my friends together.
We chose CingJing and Fenchihu because we could have a lot of gourmets there. Now, follow our steps!

Dragon Manor Resort, which is across the parking lot, is easy to found and of course, you can park your car there. It’s really convinced. Dragon Manor is a Japanese style Resort, and it is cute with two Japanese tumblers next to the front door. Walking into the door, you can feel the whole resort is decorated with wooden sculptures, which is pretty manner! The attendant there guides us the resort carefully and kind.

Dragon Manor is not only a resort bur a spot, you can enjoy yourself here. Also, it’s a good place to take many pics here! Suddenly, I smell….

Wow, the Kiln baking Pizza! We saw it seldom, so my friends and I have one. It’s freshly prepared as ordered and you can feel relieved then enjoy your pizza because you can see the whole production process. I consider that it would be much fun if we can make the Kiln baking Pizza ourselves.

About 20 mins later, the Kiln baking Pizza is finished. It’s really tasty. Once you have it you would feel really happy and it is rich in stuffing and pizza crust is crisp! I pretty recommend it to all of you!

People who love bread like me could not miss the hand-made bread here, they taste solid. I bought each kind of bread here, though they are a little bit expensive.

The rooms here are pretty clean, spacious and comfortable. All the equipment and bath suppliers are prepared well; you don’t need to be worry even if you decided to stay at this resort temporary. I love the balcony with good view, and the price is reasonable.


【Dragon Manor Resort】
ADD:No.30, Shou Ting Ln., Ren’ai Township, Nantou County 546, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

You can’t miss the Skyline and Cingjing Farm, and the air in the mountain is pretty fresh. There are many people on weekends because green grass with the blue sky is a good scene and relaxing. But it very scares when the sheep chase the food on your hand, haha.

So luckily we could have braise fish head clay pot of Lin’s smart restaurant. There is always full of people when dining time. The soup is pretty fresh and rich in cuisine. And…I’m hungry again when I’m watching this photo.

Keep our trip to Fenchihu. Some people like to stay Mt.Ali for a night, some like to stay at Fenchuihu. We choose to stay at Fenchihu for a night, and we were exciting!
Because the hotel we stayed give us a free night guide. We had an adventure at night and it wasn’t boring at all.

There’s a long and rich experience hotel close to Fenchihu train station named Fenchihu hotel. It’s next to the entrance of Fenchihu Old Street, Locomotive warehouse and there’s a 7-11 upstairs. Many people might make mistake with another one because their name is similar.

The front door same as the picture show and you can have famous lunchbox there. The hotel is an antique Japanese style as well. The price is inexpensive and service is good. We chose the room in building B, it’s really clean and well lighted. There’s a dehumidifier in the room, you don’t need to worry about wet and musty.

Counter staff is kind to mention us that we can take a bath during the hot-water supply time, after all, we are on the mountain.


【Fenchihu Hotel】
LINE ID:fenchihu_hotel
ADD:No.178-1, Fenqihu, Zhuqi Township, Chiayi County 604, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

A number of scenic trails and hiking routes are established by its localized climate and landscape offering a unique range of lush plant-life and fascinating sceneries that are always wonderful to explore, guests may simply visit while accommodating at Fenchihu Hotel. The guide is separated into three sections. If we came in December we could visit fireflies. They always show about 11/25, but it was postponed this year because of the hot weather. Anyone wants to visit fireflies in winter might ask hotel first.

The air in the mountain is pretty fresh unlike in the city. I think my nose has already broken with bad air in the city.

The other point of Fenchihu Hotel is Lunchbox. It is the first lunchbox store combined with retro aluminum box. You will get simply but delicious garnish and two main course, pork ribs and marinated chicken drumsticks, and they are so delicious. You can have free hot soup there as well. I love it so much.

Let’s end with this delicious lunch box.