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    Ryzen 9 3950X - overclocking records!

    Here is go. HWBOT have some new results and WRs in category of 16-core CPUs. It is more impressive, if we know Intel HEDT 9960X has advantage of extra 400 MHz for a little slower score than "mainstream" Ryzen 9 395X :-) Ok, first C8I promo slide For extreme OC is one of the best...
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    Teamgroup T-Force Xtreem 4133 MHz test

    Memory chips are becoming cheaper and also at higher frequency and even more affordable. Such most effective today are kits between 2933 to 3200 MHz, probably the best part for selecting the price /performance ratio. Ideal for Intel 8. + 9th generation processors or even Ryzeny 2nd+3rd...
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    處理器 AMD Ryzen 9 3800X、Ryzen 7 3700X、Ryzen 5 3600X 於線上商店曝光

    propably fakes based on very old speculations, spec are the same as those old speculations
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    Maximus XI Apex (1151) and Maximus Formula (775) cores to cores

    I promised on your interest downlock of i7-8086K. So, in this case modern 8086K worked on 2.33 GHz and 2.028 GHz cache and RAM a little over 1866 MHz effective :). Of course, hyperthreading was disabled and allowed only 4 cores of 6. It was interesting in most legacy test the results again old...
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    Maximus XI Apex (1151) and Maximus Formula (775) cores to cores

    Welcome :) I would like to add clock to clock comparison (2.33 GHz) and later results with LN2 on maximus XI Apex.
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    Maximus XI Apex (1151) and Maximus Formula (775) cores to cores

    I spent some time with new review of motherboards. And today we are continue in my motherboards passion :-). Ussually people dont much like motherboards tests. It is weird and boring. But today we can try to show whats channged on Intel platforms after 10 years! How changed CPU performance with...
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    Gskill TridentZ Royal - diamonds

    Thank you. I agree, price is a little high for most of users :(. But still very good compared to price of Dominus Extreme board :-D
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    Gskill TridentZ Royal - diamonds

    At CES2019 GSkill launched new memory kits. GSkill is from my point of view TOP brand of memory modules. Memory not only for normal users, gamers but also for extreme overlcockers. There is also great support and compatibility list of GSkill memory kits. OF course, price is another point. For...
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    ROG Ryujin 360 tested on TR4 myself!

    There is part with i9-9900K and ROG Ryujin 360. On paper, TDP of 9900K is 95W, but is far far away from reallity. CPU power package is in practice around the 160W (BIOS on auto+XMP), This huge numbers are not often to see, but sometimes u need really test your stability properly . For Intel CPUs...
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    ROG Ryujin 360 tested on TR4 myself!

    next week will be add i9-9900K
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    ROG Ryujin 360 tested on TR4 myself!

    History of CPU cooling is longride way. From basic coolers to extreme cooling as example LN2. We can remember 20 years ago...Yes, everything looks like stock boxed cooler :) But different was the cooler for AMD Thunderbird CPUs. Cooling systems were evolved, first home liquid cooling and...
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    Threadripper 2990WX preview TomsHardware

    Im not listening heavy metal music...But if we are talking about heavy metal processors, it is different story for me. And Yes, I applaud to AMD! Second year of great CPUs is here and HEDT AMD is real - highend crazy strongest most loved CPU ever! Report from TMsHW about Manilla AMD day and few...
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    ROG Crosshairs in action - Thuban and Ryzen together

    Next LN2 try...Ryzen and LN2, its fun, but issues with retraining of RAM, coldbootbug IMC etc. Not always easy. If you want stay at 1002 BIOS, be carefull to use TurboV in Windows, sometimes some settings changed at strange values :-) I had issues with boot to WIndows at Vcore 1.7 or more. So I...